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All You Need to Rank UP


To rank up, you first need to understand basic functions like Meter and Support Points! And the way to capture it depends on how you can create a STRONG COMMUNITY WITH VIEWERS🤝 How do you create it? Let's look at each step in turn👇

Poocha’s Essential Tips (Click on each to learn more about it!)

Learn The Pococha Reward System
Understand the Key Functions
Why Do Rank Borders Move?
Why Should I Broadcast at End Time?
Fundamental Communication Form
Acquire Essential Skills
Create A Strong “Atomic Family”
Advanced Techniques

Why Rank Up & Get Core Fans?


Top Questions

What is a Freeze Pass?

Freeze Passes can be used to “freeze” your Rank Meter for one End Time Period.

You can check the detailed information HERE.

What is a Premium Freeze Pass?

Premium Freeze Passes allow you to earn Time Diamonds when you broadcast while a Freeze Pass is in use.

You can check the detailed information HERE.

How should I use Freeze Passes efficiently?

Use them to prevent losing Rank Points, or to take a day off!

Any days you do not broadcast will automatically lose -1 Rank Point, unless you use a Freeze Pass.

Many broadcasters use Freeze Passes efficiently by using them on days when they will not be earning Time Diamonds.

For Example:

If you broadcast 5 days a week and earn the maximum 4 hours of Time Diamonds each day,  you’ll hit the weekly limit of 19 Time Diamond hours.

The other 2 days of the week will not generate Time Diamonds, so it is often efficient to use your Freeze Pass on these days!

Check the further information HERE

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are your reward for being an amazing broadcaster! Diamonds come from Items, time spent broadcasting, & more.

They can be converted into REAL CASH or converted into Pococha Coins to share with other broadcasters!

You can check the detailed information HERE.

Time Diamonds vs Engagement Diamonds?

There are two ways to earn Diamonds:

Time Diamonds: An hourly bonus for broadcasting, determined by your Rank Class.

Engagement Diamonds: Diamonds earned from your fan’s actions of supporting you.

Your Time & Engagement Diamonds combine together to be cashed out or converted to coins!

You can also check additional information about Time Diamonds or Engagement Diamonds.

I want to be more knowledgeable about Diamonds!

You can check the answers to any classic questions HERE!

What is Meter / Support Points / Core Fan / Fan Noise / New Users Bonus / Fan Noise Bonus?

This has all you need to know about these key functions!

I’m getting bored broadcasting. What can I do during broadcasts other than just chat?

We have collected the content ideas for broadcasts!

Broadcast Content Tips
My viewers rarely comment. How can I make them more active?

It is important to keep talking to the viewers regularly even though they are not so active.

Plus, You might be able to get some hints from

to make your community excited!

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