Broadcast Content Tips

Special Occasion Broadcasts

💡 Throw yourself a birthday party!

Birthdays are a big celebration day for you, and your viewers already love you! That means a birthday celebration is a perfect occasion for a special broadcast. Try to invite your viewers to give their input and think of fun ways to make your birthday special. We suggest the following:

  1. Announce it in advance! You can send a message in your Family saying, “My birthday is coming up this month! I’d like to celebrate it with my Family!” and invite people to give suggestions for how to celebrate. You can also remind people verbally in broadcasts leading up to your birthday, or make a sign or a countdown on a visible white board that reminds people of when your birthday is coming!
  2. Have a countdown party on stream the day before your birthday. Make it a strategy for hitting the ground running when the meter resets so that people can come out with loads of support right at End Time reset (or right at midnight, when your birthday officially begins!)
  3. On the day of your birthday, label an Item (or Items) as your “Birthday Items”, and ask that viewers use those Items to celebrate your birthday! You can say something like, “Let’s get #1 in this Item’s daily ranking today!” to set a goal that befits the occasion.
  4. Plan some birthday-themed games or a “look back on our Pococha memories together” period during your birthday to spread joy and good vibes in a way that also celebrates your community.

💡 Have a birthday party for the viewer

Viewers should feel special if you broadcast especially for the viewer!

  1. Ask your viewers about their birthday on daily broadcasts and mark the dates on your calendar!
  2. In your Family chat, Announce that you will celebrate their birthday in a broadcast beforehand
  3. Celebrate the viewer’s birthday by singing a song, or broadcast with the title “XX’s birthday celebration!”

💡Cosplay broadcasting (dressing in costume as a movie/cartoon character, etc.)

On Halloween or any holiday, let’s try to broadcast with unique costumes!

Need some entertainment to enjoy?

💡Make a multiple choice quiz on a subject you know a lot about! (culture, sports, major, etc.)

  1. Write down the quiz on a whiteboard and share it with viewers while broadcasting!
  2. There could be a prize for the winner!

💡Here are some quizzes you can try in your broadcast!

Family Feud Questions

  • Bonus: Ask users if they agree/disagree with the majority of voters and why!
  • Bonus: Ask users to create their own Family Feud questions, then have users vote in the comments and create your own Family Feud boards!

Would You Rather?” / “This or That?” Questions

  • Bonus: Have users leave a specific emoji in chat to denote which option they vote for!
  • Extra Bonus: For bigger questions, have users use a specific low-cost Item as a way to “vote”!

Buzzfeed/Personality Quizzes

  • Ex: Which ____ are you? (food, style, nerd culture, pop culture, etc.)
    • Bonus: tell people what website you’re using to take the quiz so they can take it alongside you, if they like!
  • Ex: What does your ___ say about you? (hairstyle, favorite color, favorite artist, birthday, etc.)

Fortune Telling Quizzes

  • Ex: Where will you live in the future?
  • Ex: What will you accomplish in the next 5 years?
    • Bonus: Take these quizzes on behalf of the broadcasters and give them their “reading”/results! It may feel more special & personal this way.

💡Write some interesting topics about you on the board with Items needed to talk about it!

Here’s an example!

  1. My biggest heartbroken stories (Spaceship needed!)
  2. The most messed-up story that I’ve ever done (Poco Ranger needed!)
  3. If you could time travel, where would you go? (Any items worth 111coins)
  4. If you were going to a deserted island, what would you take with you? (Any items worth 55coins)
  5. Any Item above ___ coins = spin the wheel of questions/topics/fun things I have to do in response! (pie/water in face, eat something spicy, etc.)

💡 Let’s ask a request when viewers send you “Let’s Sing”

Don't forget to write down on your whiteboard so that viewers could realize it anytime!

💡Make some benefits for Core Fans and encourage viewers to become and hit higher!

Think of ways to celebrate or congratulate people who hit higher tiers! Let non Core Fans become 1K and 1K Core Fans to 5K and so on!


  • Ask for song requests
  • invite to Core Fan only family
  • Handwritten message
  • Special limited photos!
  • Write down the viewer's name on your profile!
  • Draw a picture to use as an icon
  • Make a ruffle and let them join when hitting 1K!

💡Collect specific Items for a certain amount on that day!

ex) Will not finish until 10 Poco Rangers!!

💡Ask the viewer's birthplace(or just where they’ve been to) and complete the whole state in the United States!

Prepare a map and color it in to share how close you are to finishing with the viewers!

💡Have a raffle for those who send a certain amount of items!

Ideas for raffle contents:

  • Sing a song
  • Compliments
  • Write a letter and send it on Family chat

💡Cooking Broadcast (favorite food, local food, etc.)

Might be interesting to ask viewers what seasonings to use...?

Have trouble communicating with new viewers?

💡Pococha school, Pococha lessons for beginner

Write on the board how to take a PocoBox, how to type a comment, and how to send an item!

Turn on your welcome mode to engage with more new viewers!

💡Write your own introduction on the board!(Hobbies, Features of your broadcast, etc.)