Learn The Pococha Reward System

Learn The Pococha Reward System


Pococha is a quickly-growing platform that plans to produce the next generation of influencers. Pococha provides its broadcasters with monetary reward by using the Pococha Reward System!

The sky is the limit for these new creators to become well-known household names! Consider creators who began on Youtube or Tik Tok before the apps found mainstream success. The creators who committed to the platform while it was small are the ones most likely to be huge & successful now. These influencers with millions of followers decided to commit to the app when it was small because they saw its future growth and potential.

The same is true for Pococha!We foresee a future in which broadcasters’ communities grow exponentially alongside the growth of the app. And much like Youtubers earning high income off the ad revenue of their videos, Pococha broadcasters will also earn large monetary rewards for their efforts.

Here on Pococha, we offer an amazing feature that helps our creators know where they’re at on their journey to becoming a top broadcaster. That feature is called the Rank System!

Rank System signifies the size & quality of support a broadcaster is receiving from their fans (viewers). The higher your Rank, the more rewards you will earn!

So, in order to earn bigger and more rewards on Pococha, it is essential to increase your Rank on Pococha. To create a successful community of fans that will support you in increasing Rank, you must not only broadcast regularly and for long periods but also focus on deepening relationships with each of your viewers. Pococha has another great feature to help manage these relationships and communicate with fans – the Family feature!

So what kind of broadcasters become top influencers on the app, and earn higher rewards?

The ones who increase their Rank by successfully connecting with their viewers and managing their Family!


It is important to keep in mind that the rewards given to broadcasters on Pococha are not being “paid” to the user by Pococha. Instead, the size of a broadcaster’s rewards is directly correlated to the size of support they are receiving from their viewers!

This is similar to other platforms like Youtube, where the creators earn money from ad revenue that is directly correlated to the viewer activity.

On Pococha, the broadcaster provides value to the viewer by communication during a broadcast and by fan management in a Family! When the viewer feels valued, they will increase their support to the broadcaster. When the broadcaster grows their number of viewers and the amount of support from each viewer, their Rank will increase leading to more & larger rewards like Diamonds.

On Youtube, the creator must also create value for the viewer and increase viewer activity in order to earn higher ad revenue amounts!


Remember that broadcasters are not employees of Pococha, but creators!

Unlike a salaried employee at a company, a creator knows that their rewards like Diamonds are provided to them not by the platform (Pococha) but instead by their viewers. Being a broadcaster on Pococha is not like earning a salary for working. The broadcaster’s rewards are instead a direct result of how much revenue is being generated by their fans. If they wish to increase the size of their rewards, they must increase the size of support from their fans.

Just like Youtube, Pococha is the platform where creators and fans can connect, and provides a place for viewer’s support to be translated into monetary rewards. The creators do not work for the platform – they work for themselves and use the platform as a tool to grow their influence and earn higher rewards!


Many broadcasters have thought that Pococha is the one “paying” them, but this is a misconception! Instead, Pococha invests revenue from viewers into rewards for broadcasters. In fact, Pococha is currently investing ALL revenue from viewers right back into rewards for broadcasters. This monetary reward is delivered to the broadcaster in the form of Diamonds.

Currently, Pococha rewards broadcasters with Diamonds in 3 primary ways, all Diamonds come from viewer support:

  • Time Diamonds
    • Diamonds earned from viewer’s support, like Items, but distributed as an hourly reward.
    • Higher Ranks earn larger Time Diamonds per hour.
  • Engagement Diamonds
    • Diamonds earned as a result of viewers support, like Items.
    • The higher rate of engagement a broadcaster has, the larger reward they will be given from Pococha’s revenue fro the viewers.
  • Performance Bonus
    • A diamond bonus currently being provided to broadcasters to subsidize their reward earnings.
    • Can be earned every day as long as the requirements are met.
  • Click on the names of each Diamond to learn more!

While there are 3 primary ways to earn Diamonds currently, we can easily summarize them all by saying this:

A broadcaster is provided monetary rewards in the form of diamonds as a result of the support from their viewers.

Where does Pococha’s revenue come from?

Pococha’s revenue comes from the viewers! Each time a viewer uses an Item, they are creating revenue that will be provided to the broadcaster in the form of Diamonds.

What are Pococha’s costs?

As mentioned, broadcasters are provided monetary rewards for their efforts in garnering support from viewers! A lot of the revenue is used in this manner.

Just like any app, Pococha must may 30% of all revenue to Apple & Google. Without paying this, Pococha would not be allowed to operate as an app on those services!

Additionally, Pococha sets aside a budget for marketing purposes. This helps us grow the app, attract new viewers, and help make Pococha a household name! Labor costs are the costs to keep Pococha running and pay our amazing staff.

Finally, similar to other platforms and app, Pococha normally takes a commission fee. However, we have currently removed this and are instead investing that money back into broadcasters in the form of Performance Bonuses.


Pococha is currently a small, but fast-growing app. During this growth phase, we want to ensure that our broadcasters can earn enough rewards in order to commit themselves to Pococha. So, Pococha is actually temporarily providing higher amounts of rewards than normal to the broadcaster.

We believe that if a new broadcaster cannot earn substantial rewards due to a small number of viewers, they are very likely to stop and give up on their broadcasting career. This is why we are currently not taking any commission fees and instead investing our profits into helping develop the next generation of influencers.

Please note:

  • The Performance Bonus is only a temporary reward that Pococha is providing to broadcasters to help subsidize any difficulties they experience with Pococha’s growth phase.
  • Once our platform has grown to a level where lots of viewers are able to provide broadcasters with higher amounts of rewards, we can expect the reward system to return to the original system. One where Pococha is taking a commission fee and there is no Performance Bonus. Instead, broadcasters will be successful due to the large size of their communities they created after committing to Pococha in the long run!

How will the Pococha Reward System transition from subsidizing broadcasters into the original system?

Pococha will grow alongside the growth of its broadcasters!

Pococha will work hard to send more and more new users into the app everyday. The broadcaster will work hard to attract these new viewers into their broadcast, and convert them into lifelong fans!

Then as their viewers support grows, so will Pococha’s revenue – meaning larger rewards for its creators.

As we mentioned, this is similar to the journey of platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok. Many pioneering creators joined these platforms at their beginning phases. Even though there was not much revenue to reward the creators, the creators believed in the app and committed to it. Now, those creators are being rewarded at extremely high levels. They helped make the platforms as big as they could be, and were rewarded in return.

In Conclusion

Many users had questions about how the Pococha Reward System works. It’s actually quite simple!

Broadcasters are not salaried employees of Pococha. Instead, they are creators using Pococha as a tool to grow their communities. The monetary rewards they earn on Pococha are generated by the support being sent by viewers in their broadcaster.

Pococha is a fast-growing app, and users who commit themselves to its growth will be the first to reap its benefits. Pococha is rewarding these users in the form of a Performance Bonus to help subsidize their rewards while the app is growing.

Choosing now to be a high-Rank broadcaster with a large fan community means endless possibilities in the future!