Why Do Rank Borders Move?

Why Do Rank Borders Move?


Overview of Rank System

Rank is a signifier of a broadcaster’s level of support from viewers, compared to other broadcasters on the app. As broadcasters increase their Rank, they’ll gain access to larger rewards and entry into bigger Events!

On Pococha, broadcasters earn Diamond rewards based on the amount of support they are receiving from their viewers. More support means more rewards! In this way, the Rank system signifies how much support a broadcaster is receiving, and how big of rewards they should be earning in return.

For a more detailed explanation into Pococha rewards and how they work, please read our recent blog about payment.

A broadcaster may say “I want to be one of the biggest singing broadcasters on Pococha!”. How can they know they are the biggest however? The Rank system allows the broadcaster to attain a tangible status level by reaching higher Ranks.

To learn more about how the Rank Meter works, please read our blog Rank Meter Refresh!


Why does the Rank Meter move?

We hear this question quite often!

Some users think that the meter’s borders should not move, or that Pococha is responsible for moving the border levels – but this is a misconception!

The Rank Meter compares one broadcaster’s level of daily support to the level of daily support of other broadcasters. Remember, in order to increase your Rank you must be earning more Support Points than your fellow broadcasters.

When a broadcaster’s supporters decide to spend Coins and use an Item, it provides Support Points to the broadcaster. As a broadcaster earns Support Points, their position on the Rank Meter will likely increase. Then, as broadcasters compete with each other to finalize their position on the meter and earn Rank Points, it will cause the border levels of the meter to increase.

So really, it’s quite simple!

Broadcasters earning more Support Points = the levels of the meter borders increasing.

Here is a graph that shows exactly this!


Since only a certain percentage of broadcasters can earn 0, +1, & +2 Rank points each day, there is often competition to try and secure these spots on the meter! If you are trying to achieve a +1 on the meter, and there are other broadcasters trying to do the same, you will be in competition with them to achieve it.

Since there is more than one person competition for the same spot, the user who earns the most Support Points will be able to achieve their goal.

This is why the meter borders move! It is other broadcasters trying to take your spot on the meter. Once they have earned enough Support Points to take your place, the meter level will increase. If you want to regain your position again, you must earn MORE Support Points to kick out the other user.

This is often why the border levels increase rapidly right before End Time. There are many broadcasters in heated competition to try and secure their spot on the meter, causing the border levels to increase as they earn more Support Points.

Let’s imagine there is a competition where the top 10 students in a class will win a private pizza party.

The 10 students with the highest test scores will win the prize. Imagine you are the 11th highest scoring student with a test score of 89.9. The 10th best student right above you has a score of 90.0. In order to become the new 10th best student and win the pizza party, you must attain a higher score than the student above you. So you achieve a 90.1 and become the 10th best student! But be careful, that student can now achieve a 90.2 to kick you back into 11th place!


In the above scenario, you can see how the students competing for the top 10 spots caused the border level to increase from 90.0 to 90.1 to 90.2.

Pococha works the exact same way! We, the app, are not setting these levels and artificially increasing them around End Time. Instead, users are in competition to increase their Rank and the border levels are increasing based on the support being earned by the competing users.


Does Pococha manipulate the border levels?

Short answer, no! As described, the border levels increase due to competing broadcasters trying to earn more Support Points than each other.

If the Rank Meter moves at the very last minute or second, it is because another broadcaster has worked with their Family to send Items at the last second and beat you out of your spot. It is not because Pococha suddenly increased the border.

If Pococha was to intervene in the competitive process by making the border not move, it would undermine broadcasters’ reasons for competing.

However, we have put a feature in place to prevent the border levels from increasing TOO MUCH.

The Stabilization Mechanism is a function in place to prevent the border levels from increasing too suddenly or too high. The Stabilization Mechanism works to create more attainable goals for broadcasters and their viewers.


Without this feature, the border levels would increase even higher due to the competition between broadcasters.

In fact, even though the border levels move throughout the day, their ending levels have been fairly consistent – as shown in the data below.


Here we can see that the ending level of the meter has been relatively consistent each week!

Keep in mind, border levels may increase more than normal on days when there is lots of competition – like big events!

Additionally, it is important to understand that border levels may slowly increase on average as more broadcasters begin to use Pococha and the environment becomes more competitive. We believe this is a good thing however! When the competition increases slowly over time, there will be more reward opportunities for broadcasters. Pococha will also be able to offer higher levels of competition (like new higher Ranks) that offer even more rewards!


Why is Pococha competitive?

On Pococha, we believe that having competition out in the open is the best way for creators to grow their status and communities. Competition on the app allows for those at higher Ranks to truly be the biggest compared to others.

If you want to grow your community, it is necessary to increase the size of your support. Competition and the Rank System, provides broadcasters a way to illicit more support from their viewers.

Instead of asking for money directly from supporters, the Rank system allows broadcasters to say “Let’s send more support so we can reach the next Rank!”

The Rank system also allows broadcasters and their supporters to achieve big & small victories. Whether it is winning the Hall of Fame event, or earning the most Panda Items in a day, these competitive features on Pococha supplies collaborative moments that the fan community can celebrate together.

Our research shows that win supporters have a goal they are aiming towards, they are more likely to increase the amount of support they send!

Instead of viewing the Rank System as the enemy, we encourage our users to redefine it as a great tool to inspire your supporters to rally around. These victories (or defeats) serve as a way for the community to bond and deepen its connection.

Remember, even if a broadcaster does not achieve their desired goal on the meter, they will still receive all normal amounts of Engagement Diamonds from the support their viewers created, regardless of the broadcaster’s Rank. Victories on the rank meter are only for increasing the broadcaster’s Rank.

In this way, support is not “worthless” even if the broadcaster may not reach their meter goal.

It is also important to remember that a creator must be competitive on any platform they are on, not just Pococha.


On apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube, creators are in competition with each other to acquire more views on their content. In order to achieve more views, your content must reach a better engagement rate than your fellow creators.

The amount of views a creator achieves also determines the amount of earnings they can receive from the app. More views = more ad revenue and better paying deals. In this way, a creator’s income is directly tied to competition just like on Pococha.

The Rank System is very much like a ranking algorithm on any other social app. The only difference is that Pococha has decided to make this ranking and competition out in the open. We believe this is a good thing and an advantageous way for our creators to take control of their success on the app!

Doesn’t competition seem go against Pococha’s best quality of creating community?

We believe that competition and community can coexist!

Consider something like sports, where a sense of respect and camaraderie exist between competing teams – it’s called sportsmanship!

Additionally, Pococha has many community guidelines in place to help regulate a positive and supportive environment. Users who violate these guidelines will not be able to use Pococha!

If you see a user engaging in any kind of toxic or negative competitive behaviors that violate our guidelines, please report them to our moderation team!

How can I better use the Rank System to my advantage?

As we mentioned, the Rank System can be used as a tool for broadcasters to increase support from their viewers and therefore more rewards!

We suggest creating strategies and game plans with your Family to have the best chance at winning!

  • Have daily/weekly meeting in your Family chat to create goals and strategies
  • Broadcast around End Time and have a failsafe plan to achieve the meter position you want.
  • Research Pococha Events and decide which ones you have a good chance at winning.
  • Use bonuses like Core Fan Bonus or Fan Noise Bonus to help you gain extra Support Points on days you want to achieve +1 or +2 on the meter!
  • Use Freeze Passes strategically, allowing your supporters to save their energy for important days.

It takes a strong broadcaster and a strong Family to go into competition with other fan communities. A Family that bonds & strategies together will have the best chance at the fluctuating meter borders and beating out the other users.

The best way to use these strategies is to create a strong bond between you and your Family members, which you cannot do in a short amount of time – consistent communication and fan management is crucial!

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we hope it has helped answer many questions, concerns, and feedback we have been hearing from users.

We hope our users will know that the meter’s border levels are increased not by Pococha, but by the other broadcasters that you are in competition with.

Rank is a signifier of the strength and size of one’s fan community. In order to increase or maintain your Rank, you must prove that your community can generate more support than your fellow broadcasters.

Pococha believes that this type of direct and open competition is the best way for fan communities to grow, and for broadcasters to increase the amount of support they receive.

Instead of competitive ranking algorithms on other apps, Pococha’s Rank System offers a clear and direct way for its creators to attain their goals and increase their rewards.

Successful broadcasters are often those who are able to work well with their Families to strategize and bond over the competition.

We hope this explanation provides a new perspective on competition and the Rank Meter.