Why Should I Broadcast at End Time?

Why Should I Broadcast at End Time?

Broadcasting at End Time is important!

Broadcasters on Pococha can broadcast whenever they like, there are no restriction about this.

Each broadcasting community is unique, and that means different strategies for broadcasting.

While it is not required for broadcasters to broadcast around End Time, we highly encourage it! This is because the competition is decided at End Time.

If you’re a broadcaster looking to increase your Rank, it is important to broadcast at End Time. This allows the broadcaster to track the movement of the Rank meter, which can change rapidly just before End Time.

To learn more about how the Rank System and Rank Meter work, read our recent bog “Why Do Rank Meters Move?”

Additionally, broadcasting at End Time provides a way for viewers and broadcasters to celebrate a victory together – or discuss strategy after a loss.

Let’s pretend you have bought a ticket to your watch your favorite athlete play in a game. If the athlete stops early, the fans will never get to experience the moment of victory of winning!

This is exactly like End Time. Consider it like a finish line of a sporting event. Sharing this moment between broadcaster and supporters is crucial for deepening bonds and growing a fan community. So it’s also important for the supporter to cross the finish line as well!

Pococha is a game of competition, and End Time is the criteria for judging the competitors!

As we explained in our recent blog, Why Do Rank Borders Move, the Rank System and competition are tools a broadcaster can use to increase support from viewers and find success!

In any game of competition, there must be rules and judgment criteria in order for winners to be chosen. Creating a “finish time” to decide the winner creates a fair environment in which there can be a clear winner. This finish line also provides a moment for winners to celebrate with their fans.

Using our sports example again, let’s think about basketball! In basketball, there is usually four 12-min quarters in a game. This means the team has 48 minutes before a winner is decided!

Also, the last few minutes of a sports game is often the most exciting when there is close competition. These last moments are when fans are the most passionate and willing to show support.

The same is true for End Time. Broadcasters and their viewers have 24 hours to try and earn as many Support Points as possible. Then when End Time is over, it is clear who the winners are. The last moments before End Time are the most exciting, and viewers will show more support!

If the rules were more unclear and there was no definite moment that decided who wins a competition, then the broadcasters and the fans would never get moments to celebrate victory.


Why should we compete every day though?

Often we hear from users that they wish the competition on Pococha was less frequent than every day. So, we’d like to explain why End Time happens daily!

It is important for a broadcaster to communicate with their viewers on a frequent basis! If viewers see you less often, they will be less likely to want to support you. Additionally, broadcasting daily offers a chance for broadcasters to prove to viewers they are serious about competition.

For example, consider some friends you had in high school. How many do you keep in contact with still today? Usually the only ones that you still feel close to are the ones that you continue to communicate with frequently. The same is true for broadcasting!

Frequent face to face encounters between broadcasters and viewers will strengthen the relationship, and make it more likely for the community to grow and succeed. This is why we have decided to use one day (24 hours) as the time period for which to judge the competition. It creates more frequent interactions for the community and strengthens their bonds.

If the competition period were longer, like a week or even a month, then broadcasters would likely not broadcast frequently. Many broadcasters would wait until the end of the week and then try to earn all their points at the very last moment.

This creates an undesirable experience for the supporters, who are looking to communicate and interact with the broadcaster as much as possible.

However in addition to the daily communication that is created by End Time, we also have an option for weekly competition. Many Events take place over multiple days. This can be a broadcaster’s chance to compete during a longer period, which also creates a bigger moment of emotion & bonding when the results are revealed.


What if I need breaks?

While it is important to broadcast as much as possible, this doesn’t have to mean every single day. It is important to take breaks, not only for one’s own mental health but also to allow viewers some time off as well.

This is why we offer Freeze Passes.

Freeze Pass is a feature that allows broadcasters to sustain long careers of broadcasting without needing to broadcast all the time.

For a more detailed explanation of Freeze Passes, check out our FAQ site here!

Being a broadcaster means lots of constant and continuous interaction with viewers. So, it’s important for broadcasters and their viewers to take occasional days off. Days off allow the fan community to work harder on days that matter!

We encourage broadcasters to use their Freeze Pass in a strategic way that benefits the whole Family. For example, try using a Freeze Pass on the day before an Event. This will allow viewers to save their support and use more during the competition!

A broadcaster should always discuss their Freeze Pass use, as well as all other strategies, with their viewers! Ask viewers if there is a day when most of them cannot join the broadcast, this is also a great day to use a Freeze Pass!