Fundamental Communication Form

Fundamental Communication Form

If you can do these simple things, you can be a Pococha broadcaster!

Keep your eyes on the screen! Track and read every comment

Don’t just “broadcast your activities”, remember that Pococha is a “communication app”.

Classic Mistake: Broadcasters should only focus on an activity (gaming, housework, talent…)
Basic but important!: When you read a comment, read the viewer’s name, the comment, and your response in that order. If you read only comments with the viewers’ names, your viewers sometimes get confused about what comment you have responded to. Just make it clear that “I responded to YOUR comment!”

Find a point of balance between performance and interactive conversation

If you are a performer, it is important to find a good balance between performance and interactive conversation. It is your conversation, rather than just your performance, that makes your viewers actively comment.

Classic Mistake: Only sing during a broadcast and rarely hold deep conversations with your viewers

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