Acquire Essential Skills

Acquire Essential Skills

Once you mastered the fundamental communication form, now it’s time to improve your broadcaster level.


Pick a photo that shows your best appearance & your uniqueness!

Your icon picture decides if a new viewer enters your broadcast or not.

A good icon is with:

  1. An image with a close-up of your face
  2. An image that gives a cheerful impression

Imagine when the viewer enters your broadcast. You can be relaxed and chill while you broadcast of course, but don’t forget your first impression will decide if they keep on watching your broadcast or not. We recommend being over-the-top with your energy!

“First Impressions are everything” Check the global top broadcaster’s tip!👇

5 things to do when a NEW viewer arrives in your broadcast

1: Read their names out loud, talk to them, and show them you're interested in them!

“Which state are you from?” “Are you having a good day?” These are a great way to lower the bar for commenting with “yes” or “no” questions!

2: Look at viewers’ profiles to see what you have in common and talk about it!

"I like your profile picture!" “Hey ___, I see you like drawing! Me too!” and so on, even if the viewer is not commenting!

3: Teach newbies about features they might not know, and how to have fun with Pococha!

"Do you know what a PocoBox is?" "If you comment, you can get Coins and use Items." Let's give them some details!

4: Give lots of attention to new viewers when they enter and make sure your usual viewers understand why!

It's great to say, "Thanks for commenting!" or, "Thanks for liking my post!”

Speak with your usual supporters to let them know why catering to new viewers helps foster a healthy, supportive community!

5: Be creative with your costumes and backgrounds!

To get your viewers to stay a while, get creative with prominent clothing & background boards!

Prepare a whiteboard with your goals, decorate the room with seasonal decorations, etc. Let's try to make people think, "Oh, that looks interesting!”

Pro tips! Do you know the “Orange message”? 🍊

When a new viewer is close to hitting a Fan Noise level for the first time, a system message will appear in the chat for broadcasters and their current supporters. It will look like this:


As a broadcaster, make use of this function to notice when a new viewer is close to first achieving a new Fan Noise level. Since this will be the viewer’s first time reaching these levels, be sure to do the following:

  • Educate them on the importance and benefits of being a Core Fan!
  • Let them know what goal they’re approaching, and why hitting that goal is important not just for them, but for you as a broadcaster and for your community!
  • Celebrate the progress they have made, and provide next steps to follow through on achieving that Fan Noise goal!

Check further information here!👇

3 Tips To Engage With Returning Viewers

1: Remember their names and what they talked, and make them think, “They remembered my first visit!”

Say, "I remember you from the last time you were here!”

Try to relate the conversation to the last time you saw them.

2: Tell them that you're glad they're returning to you!

Be more straightforward than usual when communicating through a screen!

When they leave, express your hopes for the next time: "I hope you'll come back again!" or "Please come back anytime!" or ask "When will we see each other again?”

3: Tell them you want to know more about them – ask your viewers questions, and take notes!

Take notes on the person's hobbies, background, birthdays, and conversations you've had before.

We also suggest writing down your viewers' birthdays on a calendar and having a "birthday party" every month!

”I take ‘Viewer Notes’ to better understand them” Check the global top broadcaster’s tip!👇

Item Reaction creates a fun environment and will make your viewers want to send more Items!

Items are the biggest communication tool between a broadcaster and their viewers. A broadcaster that is good at communication with Items should be able to create a good community. Here are two steps you can focus on!

Step1: Learn Items with the number of coins

Imagine that a viewer selects what Item to send and actually sends it to you.

Your viewers know how much the Item cost for sure, and should expect you will get happy and excited according to the size of the Item.

Let’s memorize and remember Items and how many coins those Items cost, and practice the reactions proportional to the size of the Item!

👇Click to check Item list

Step2: Create your unique Item reactions and make your viewers feel special

When an Item is sent, you should cater to the sender’s feelings. A broadcaster that gets the Item should express special appreciation and excitement honestly to the sender.

For example, saying the sender’s name as a part of the reaction can your viewers feel more appreciated.

Plus, if you can add your uniqueness as a creator, that could bring your viewers the feeling of being happy to support you, not other broadcasters.

Let’s aim for “sure-fire reactions that viewers will appreciate”!

👇Click to check great examples of Item Reactions!

Item Reaction Awards Contest is held continuously! Don’t miss the chance to get a trophy and show on a banner!

Want to know the global top broadcasters’ tips for Item Reaction? Click below!👇

Invite your Family

Families are fan groups to support broadcasters during streams & events! Families have exclusive chat rooms, which are the best way to continue communicating with supporters.

Communicate with your viewers so that they'll keep coming back every day!

Viewers often want to know, "When is the next broadcast?” Make it a habit to make Family announcements for your broadcast schedule!

Type of Families

  • Open Family - Anyone can request to join
  • Core Family - Only Core Fans can join

Creators can set any kind of requirements they like for users to enter a Family.

Viewers who do not watch a broadcast for 10 consecutive broadcast days will automatically be removed from the Family. A user can join up to 30 Families based on their level!

Min Lvl To Create Family: 10 Max # of Members: 100 Lvl 10-24: 1 Family Lvl 25-79: 2 Families Lvl 80: 3 Families

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