Create A Strong “Atomic Family”

Create A Strong “Atomic Family”

Even if you acquire essential skills for making your viewers your fans, it is extremely important to have what we call “Atomic Family”, which is your first group of core supportive members that are on your side.

If someone comes to your broadcast frequently, be open to them and let them know your goal and share your feelings.

Find someone who wants to support your goals and your desire to rank up. They will be essential to helping expand your fan community!


Communicating your goals leads to viewers’ support

Once your viewers feel comfortable with you, it’s time to help them understand your dreams & goals - inside Pococha and out!

Step 1: Set your goals!

Are you able to connect your personal goals to your goals within Pococha? Let’s think about what you want to achieve with your life goal, and set the goal for this month.

Let’s see the example of the goal

(1) Personal dream/goal

(2) What you want to achieve with Pococha

(3) Goals for this month ※Rank, core fans, etc. – using Pococha's system!


1) I want to create a positive place for my viewers to support & heal each other.

2) To do this, I want my fans to meet almost every day on Pococha. I want to be known as Pocococha’s Top Healing Broadcaster. To achieve this, I want to become famous on Pococha.

3) To reach a wider audience, I'm aiming for B Rank. To achieve this rank, I need to get the support of my current family and more people. Thus, my goal is to get 20 new Core Fans! I'll start with this goal and think of new milestones to hit once I achieve this.

Step 2: Sync your goals with your viewers! Here are 2 ideas to help viewers understand your goals

1: Repeat your message over and over and over again

Tell them over and over again, not just in your broadcast, but in your family, on your profile, on social media, and in so many other places!

It's also a good idea to put your monthly goals in the background of the stream! (i.e. a whiteboard with goals & names!)

At the end of the month, take time to reflect on your goals and set goals for the next month with your family!

Thank your viewers for understanding and supporting your goals! Praise viewers who were good supporters and encourage them to be role models for other viewers.

Even if you don't achieve your goal, get your Family excited about trying again next time.!

2: Change the words and depth of your message to match the person you are communicating with

If it's the first or second time for some viewers to join your broadcast, try to make your goals clear and smaller to tell them.

For example, "I'm aiming for 50 Core Fans this month, so I'd be happy if you became a Core Fan." Make it easy to understand!

You can also say something like, "I'm aiming to be number one on a monthly Item list!” or "I'm collecting panda items, so please use them!" to help listeners avoid getting lost!

Step 3: Get your viewers to work with you on your goals! Here are 3 Ways

1: Increase the number of people who will visit your broadcast frequently

Try to increase the number of viewers who will come and join your broadcast, especially at End Time. For that, don’t forget to ask the viewers to come to your broadcast again when they left.

If your viewers can’t make it to End Time with you, ask viewers to help you make a point or say something that you feel is difficult for them to say, such as, "Can you help me make the show more exciting?” Let's ask them!

2: Create an exciting focal point with an atmosphere of making the whole broadcast more exciting

Create a way to liven things up at the end of the day or at any other time you want to liven things up! (Sing a song, play a game, create an interesting item reaction, etc.)

Create opportunities for everyone to participate in adding to the excitement by reading the comments at a good pace, having someone use an Item and then pile on another item, or creating custom reactions for specific Items (i.e. singing a custom song when you get X Item).

Prepare an introductory story! Check the viewers’ attendance, take another look at the viewers’ profiles, take a "quiz”, talk about one topic such as, "What’s been trending lately?" or, "How to manage stress each day?", etc.

3: Attend an event!

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4 Tips for using the “Family” feature to make your supporters bond

1: Create a fun Family name

Use a familiar name that viewers can get attached to.

Example: Everyone's Home

2: As your fan base grows, create a second Family only for Core Fan!

We would suggest creating the first Family that anyone can join, and the second Family that only people who support you like Core Fan can become Family members of.

It's also good to use the Family as a limited-time strategy meeting room for events, which can make the bond of your Atomic Family stronger.

Additionally, you can create the third Family used for a specific type of viewer you have! (i.e. my music lovers)

It is also recommended to use the Family as a prize: "If you hit Core Fan, we will invite you to the Family!”

3: Use the Family as a touch point outside your broadcast to increase the frequency of contact

Post your broadcast schedule!

Post scraps of your broadcasts, or send a thank you message at the end of each day!

It's also a good place to ask casual questions like, "Which icon do you like better?” It's also a great place to ask for casual advice!

Conduct in-depth conversations with members who support you deeply, such as strategy meetings or discussions on how to deal with viewers who cause trouble, in limited Families.

On a day off from broadcasting, you can say, "I went to the hair salon today to refresh myself! Tomorrow we'll have a normal broadcast, so everyone please come!” Let's make the fans remember you and your broadcasting slot every day!

4: Make rules and announce them in advance to avoid problems

Family is the place for your community. You can set the rule to organize your community base as a host to avoid the situation where some people will disturb it. Furthermore, you can also set the policy for making your community stronger and warm by saying like;

“Let’s welcome the new Family members when join! Say hello to them!”

Your Assistant should help you! Check the following tips.

Make the most supportive and reliable viewer your assistant

Assistants are administrators appointed by the Family creator. Up to 5 assistants can be appointed in a single Family.

Assistant Abilities:

1. Effects are added to your comments.

2. Disable comments or block users on behalf of the Family creator.

3. Invite, approve/deny, and remove Family members on behalf of the Family creator.

Note: Assistants can also be removed from a Family if they do not watch the Creator’s broadcasts for 10 consecutive days.

Techniques for Fan Communication

Have different forms of communication according to each viewer's personality & schedule.

Greet each viewer while keeping track of their schedule, such as, "I know you have an early day at work tomorrow, so let's meet up after work at the broadcast tomorrow!"

Give a preview of the next day's activity, such as, "I'm going to do a quiz tomorrow, so please come!"

If your viewers make a habit of watching your broadcast, they will continue to come to your broadcast!

It is also easier to attract new viewers if you try out broadcasting at new times of the day..

Use Event as a strategy for creating excitement and momentum

Joining Pococha’s Events is a great way to share emotional experiences with your viewers!

Strategy of Events

1. Events are always a good opportunity to get people to support you with more enthusiasm. Use this opportunity to experience winning and rejoicing together, or even losing and working harder!

2. Choose an event that you and your viewers can possibly win! Participate in an event that you think you can win based on your goals and the amount of support you have, and tell your viewers about it in advance.

3. Stay longer than usual during the event, and show that you're working hard during the event to make the viewers want to support you!

4. Near the end of the event, say something like, "Only a few minutes left!” to rally your supporters.

5. Get viewers to feel they are competing in the event with you by repeatedly expressing their emotions, their nervousness about winning, and/or their desire to win!

6. Continue to deliver your message for a while after the event is over and thank them!

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