Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Now that you have created your strong “Atomic Family”, it’s time for your Family to help you boost your Rank!

Each broadcaster’s strategy should be unique to them, but here are some tips we suggest.


Fan Noise Bonus / Core Fan Bonus

You can get a bonus that boosts your Support Points by gaining a certain amount of Fan Noise and Core Fans!

Each time the total number of Fan Noise in the broadcast period reaches a certain value, a bonus will be added to your Support Points.

Additionally, once you have reached a certain number of Core Fans, all the Support Points earned by you will receive a multiplier bonus for the rest of the month!

We’d recommend you to try to get these bonuses on the day you try to hit +1 or +2. Since they will provide you lots of Support Points for your meter!

As the excitement of both the broadcaster and the viewer is important to hit a + meter, let’s set the shared goal of getting Fan Noise Bonus / Core Fan Bonus.

ex. “We want only 1 more Core Fan to get Core Fan Bonus! Then we will reach the border of +1. Hey XX, will you become my core fan today? Let’s hit +1 today all together!”

These bonuses get more important when you reach the higher rank because it becomes harder to +1 or +2.

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Broadcast Content Ideas

If you are a broadcaster that broadcast basically everyday, you might feel in a rut. Let’s see some great ideas of the contents on broadcasts!

Let us know your opinions!🗣️

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