Understand the Key Functions

Understand the Key Functions


Rank is determined by Meter!

What is Rank?

There are 5 big categories from E~A, with 17 subdivisions.

All users begin at Rank E1 and increase their Rank as viewers’ support & engagement grow.

Rank can also drop.


What’s good about hitting higher ranks?

An indicator of a strong fan community!

Win fame and opportunities within Pococha!

Higher Time Diamonds per hour and a higher performance bonus each day!


How to hit higher ranks?

To increase Rank, you must achieve +3 Rank Points. Hitting -3 Rank Points will decrease Rank. Rank Points are earned (or lost) each day according to your performance on your Rank Meter.

Each day, you can earn a maximum of +2 Rank Points, and a minimum decrease of -1 Rank Points.


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How does Rank Meter work?

The Rank Meter shows the number of daily Support Points a broadcaster has earned during the current End Time period.

Your Rank Meter position is relative to the number of Support Points other broadcasters earned in the same Rank Class.

Broadcasters use the Rank Meter to collect Rank Points, which increase or decrease their Rank.


Because it is relative to other broadcasters in the same Rank Class. The meter line is ALWAYS changing. Your position may remarkably fall lower, especially right before End Time.

Why does the meter change SO much right before End Time?

At End Time, fans are competing, sending Items to ensure their broadcaster earns enough Support Points.

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What are Support Points?

How is it measured?

Support Points are calculated based on the total number of Items used.

Items used by users under Rank Class C1 earn more Support Points than those from Rank Class C1 and above. Users are considered to be C1 or higher based on their Rank from the previous day. 

Additional Support Points are given depending on the number of users under Rank Class C1 who have used a certain amount of Items. Support Point Bonuses will be added according to the amount of Fan Noise and the number of Core Fans during the entire broadcast.


Support Points determine your Rank Meter position which affects your Rank.

How can I increase my Support Points?

⒈ Make an effort to get support from viewers under Rank C1.

Have some fun communication to motivate your viewers to support you!

※Some ideas for fun communication!

⒉ Get Support Point Bonuses from collecting Core Fans and Fan Noise!

Check the following information!

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What is Fan Noise?

Fan Noise indicates the total amount of support from viewers to a broadcaster.

What‘s good about collecting Fan Noise?

Every time you hit a certain amount of Total Fan Noise, you’ll earn a 10% of them as a Support Point Bonus at certain milestones! For example, if you have 10 viewers who all have 1,000 Fan Noise, you’ll have 10,000 Fan Noise and automatically earn 1,000 Support Points at the moment you achieved!


What are Core Fans?

Once a viewer collects 1000 Fan Noise they will become a 1K Core Fan for the month!

As they increase their Fan Noise, their Core Fan level will increase! Core Fans not only give the broadcaster bonuses but also have cool benefits for viewers like joining Core Fan Families.

People with 1K or higher core fan level are considered Core Fan, and those with 0.1K or 0.5K Core Fan level are called Mini Fan.

How does a viewer become a Core Fan?

  • To enable viewers to support broadcasters in various ways, we offer 3 ways to become a Core Fan!
  • Look at the chart below to see how to become a Core Fan!

What's good about collecting Core Fans?

⒈ Multiplier to the Support Point

By earning Core Fans, you’ll receive a bonus multiplier to all Support Points you earn for the rest of the month! For example, once you reach 2 Core Fans, all the Support Points you earn for the rest of that month will be worth 1% more! Then, once you hit 5 Core Fans, they’ll be worth 2% more!

Note: Collect Core Fans as early as possible each month so that you can earn maximum advantage of this multiplier function! The Core Fan multipliers will earn you more Support Points!


⒉ Get additional Diamonds!

  • You can get additional Diamonds based on the number of new users that become your Core Fans.
  • The following amount of Diamonds will be given depending on the number of new users that become Core Fans each month.

※Broadcasters with a monthly best Rank of B1 or higher are eligible for this.


Ex. 1: 5 new users became Core Fans: 200 Diamonds x 5 users = 1000 Diamonds

Ex. 2: 22 new users became Core Fans: 200 Diamonds x 10 users + 300 Diamonds x 10 users + 400 Diamonds x 2 users = 5800 Diamonds

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